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I’m Debra Price Van Cleave, your host for the Wealth for Women Global Summit series. Welcome!

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FEMININE WISDOM embraces a HOLISTIC approach to money… where money is important, not in and of itself, but in how it relates to what matters most to us in our lives—our health, our relationships, our dreams, our desire to make a difference for a better world.

Now, you no longer have to go it alone… or feel like you are facing an impossible task on your own.Take charge of your financial life and future by joining this supportive and impactful Summit Series.

Together, we will explore our emotional/spiritual relationship with money – how our limiting subconscious beliefs and level of happiness effect our ability to have money. And, we’ll focus on the practical aspects, too, as we learn new ways to manifest, manage and multiply our money.

By getting permanent access to this series, you will have at your fingertips a variety of systems, tools and resources to heal your old negative patterns and increase the flow of money in your life, such as:


  • How to unlock your TRUE WEALTH WISDOM for lasting results
  • How to RELEASE unresolved subconscious beliefs and emotions around money One simple technique to AWAKEN your inner MONEY MAGNET
  • How to ELIMINATE negative patterns, money pitfalls and burdens of stress, debt and financial crisis
  • How to EFFORTLESSLY REMOVE energy blockages that stand in the way of your well-being and success
  • How to engage the wisdom of your body for a richer life


  • How to TAKE CHARGE of your finances, empower your choices and apply new strategies for earning, spending, growing and giving your money
  • Learn where to put your money to work for you now
  • FIND AND RE-VITALIZE additional flows of cash, passive streams of income and sources of wealth
  • 3 THINGS you must KNOW to prepare for the transfer of wealth that has already begun around the world
  • How to become a GLOBAL ENTREPRENEUR
  • Why the OLD rules of abundance and finances WON’T WORK Today and Tomorrow
  • How to ATTRACT AND ENGAGE the men in your life for more meaningful, lucrative communications and support around financial matters


There are no tricks or mysteries to it… It starts with your desire, your trust and your participation. We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing and supporting you with the most leading edge information, resources, tools, tips and practical steps possible at this time.

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dedicated and empowering leaders of our time. Each speaker has been chosen for their unique point of view, specific expertise, leading-edge information and fresh, new ideas assembled for your benefit.

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Dr. Sue Morter

Dr. Sue Morter

The Wealth for Women Global Summit is complete! You can get permanent access to this interview, as well as the rest of the speakers, for a very nominal cost here.

TOPIC: The Bioenergetics of Manifesting: How to Manage Your Energy Field for Conscious Wealth Creation


Join Dr. Sue Morter, transformational teacher and visionary, as she illuminates the nature and function of Reality, so you can master the art of conscious wealth creation in your own life.


During this presentation, you will receive:

  • A lucid understanding of your energy field structure, and how to utilize it to enhance your life experience and create the abundance you desire
  • A simple self-healing technique based on the principles of BioEnergetics, designed to remove interference in the energy field so you can manifest with greater ease and grace
  • A meditation experience of your true creative nature that you can access again and again to ensure your own financial success

The life of your dreams is not only possible—it is your birthright as a conscious creator. Learn to embrace this knowledge NOW and set yourself free!


Dr. Sue Morter is an internationally recognized authority on bridging science, spirit and human possibility. She founded Morter Institute & HealthCenter, a multi-doctor healing and wellness facility, in Indianapolis in 1987. In addition to her private practice, today she holds seminars around the world—most recently in Bali, Indonesia—with the sole intent of awakening individuals to their own magnificence. Recent workshops and courses have revolved around “The BioEnergetics of Manifesting,” empowering people to co-create an external, physical experience of prosperity and abundance that reflects their inner radiance.


A dynamic and charismatic speaker, she has been referred to as a “Shaman in a Business Suit” and can be seen and heard in multiple documentary films, Internet television and radio interviews, and live conferences worldwide.


“‘Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens through you.’ Dr. Sue reveals great wisdom.” — Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Agape International Spiritual Center

Marci Shimoff

Marci Shimoff

The Wealth for Women Global Summit is complete! You can get permanent access to this interview, as well as the rest of the speakers, for a very nominal cost here.

TOPIC: How Being Happy for No Reason Can Make You Wealthy—Not the Other Way Around

Join Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Love for No Reason, Happy for No Reason, Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and a featured teacher in The Secret, as she shares a breakthrough approach to experiencing lasting happiness—what she calls being “happy for no reason.”

Supported by the latest scientific research and ancient, time-tested wisdom from cultures across the globe, Marci reveals how to increase your wealth by being happy.

In this session, you will:

  • Learn about your happiness set point and how to raise it
  • Find out about using your feminine wisdom to create more wealth
  • Learn three practices you can use to raise your happiness level and create more abundance in your life

“Wealth and success are meaningless without happiness! Happy For No Reason shows you how to be happy wherever you are in life.” — Dr. Ivan Misner, chairman and founder of BNI (Business Networks International)

Margaret M. Lynch

Margaret M. Lynch

The Wealth for Women Global Summit is complete! You can get permanent access to this interview, as well as the rest of the speakers, for a very nominal cost here.

TOPIC: Supercharging Your Vibration about Money

During this session, you have the opportunity to have a major vibrational shift around money.



  • Find and measure your exact “immediate” vibration about money (not abundance or prosperity—money!).
  • See with sparkling clarity how your feelings and present reality about money come directly from your earliest money paradigm.
  • Use EFT/Tapping to clear away the negative money vibes —fear, anxiety, scarcity belief, anger and sadness—releasing the old picture you have had about money.
  • Experience the “Outrageous Goal” process, allowing you to see, feel and actually measure your limiting beliefs around your goals.
  • Reduce your limiting beliefs around your goal and how to step into a new, super-charged vibration for earning and receiving much more money.

Margaret M. Lynch is an accomplished Success Coach, author and is widely considered a top Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) expert. Margaret is passionate about waking people up to stand more powerfully alive, on-fire and enthusiastically in their lives and in their mission. She brings her transformational work to thousands of people from all over the globe through her wildly popular teleclasses programs, live events and as a frequent expert guest on radio and success focused events and summits.


“Margaret, this was life changing for me, and I have studied the Law of Attraction for ten years!!” — Betty S.

Morgana Rae

Morgana Rae

The Wealth for Women Global Summit is complete! You can get permanent access to this interview, as well as the rest of the speakers, for a very nominal cost here.


TOPIC: How To Be A Money Goddess


This session is ideal for enlightened female entrepreneurs who want to save or make six or seven figures with ease, grace, and feminine energy.

Morgana Rae walks you through the seven goddess qualities of money attraction—love, pleasure, clarity, confidence, respect, play, and empathy—to create a natural, feminine model for success.

Here are the signs that you need a Money Goddess Makeover:

  • You experience the energy drain of the “Athena Overwhelm Syndrome.”
  • Your “Wounded Aphrodite” responds with compulsive eating and spending.
  • In “Persephone’s Tailspin” you don’t fully realize your personal value.
  • And much more . . .

Women are motivated differently than men, and we blame ourselves when someone else’s model doesn’t work in our lives. There IS another way!

If you have felt crushed and exhausted by the pursuit of money, or you undercharge or are underpaid, and you flinch when stating your fee AND you want to LOVE every part of yourself and take the limits off of what you feel you deserve, it’s time to unleash your inner Money Goddess!


Morgana Rae is an internationally acclaimed life coach, author, professional speaker, and the creator of Financial Alchemy® coaching and the Money Goddess Experience. She is regarded to be the world’s top relationship with money coach. Morgana’s groundbreaking program has landed her on PBS, NPR, ABC-TV, and The Wall Street Journal Online, and featured her with Deepak Chopra, John Assaraf and many others. Morgana’s teaching has impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. She writes, speaks, and coaches from a desire to empower idealistic entrepreneurs, coaches, authors and artists to have a big impact in the world—and to heal the rift between heart, spirit and money.


“Over $20,000 has come to me in different, unexpected ways outside my regular income since I have been using the Financial Alchemy method. The experience has given me the confidence to move ahead on a major life dream of mine.” — Katie Curtin, Toronto


Caterina Rando

Caterina Rando

The Wealth for Women Global Summit is complete! You can get permanent access to this interview, as well as the rest of the speakers, for a very nominal cost here.

TOPIC: THRIVE–How To Create New Revenue Streams Quickly and Easily

The economy fluctuates, different industries face setbacks and there are always some times of the year when there is less demand for certain products or services. The savvy woman does not allow any outside forces impact her short and long-term earnings and income potential.

In this innovative session you will learn how to get started today to add new revenue sources to your life or business. You will discover both now-money-now and more-money-later strategies that you can embrace and implement immediately.

You will learn how to:

  • Capitalize on your personal brand with or without a business.
  • Connect people with the resources they need and get paid for it.
  • Repurpose what you are already doing to add new revenue sources.
  • Cultivate strategic alliance partnerships that pay you over and over.
  • Uncover certain simple revenue streams that you may be overlooking.

This session will prove transformational for all who attend and take action based on what we discuss. Let’s catapult your revenue today!


Caterina Rando, MA, MCC, shows dynamic entrepreneurs how to build profitable, sustainable and thriving businesses. She shares how to succeed by establishing yourself as an expert, embracing value-based marketing, cultivating multiple revenue streams and creating strategic alliance partnerships.


Caterina is the creator of the Business Breakthrough Summit and the Sought After Speaker Summit, as well as the founder of THRIVE Publishing, a company that publishes books for entrepreneurs and trains them on how to use their books to build their businesses. For info visit


“I can’t say enough positive things about Caterina!  She is amazing, fun, energetic, informative, creative, delivers value for time.  She is quick to assist her audience in believing in themselves.  She motivates to take immediate action. She is ‘real’ and sincere in her delivery. I love to learn from her and have her as a fabulous connection! ” — Jan McDonough, author, speaker, coach

PJ Van Hulle

PJ Van Hulle

The Wealth for Women Global Summit is complete! You can get permanent access to this interview, as well as the rest of the speakers, for a very nominal cost here.

TOPIC: Prosperity 101: 
Getting Money Right


Who says making money can’t be fun?  Prosperity is a state of mind, not just a state of finances.


In this dynamic interview, you will open yourself more fully to the abundance that is waiting for you. You will also receive quick and effective tools for creating long-term financial security.

  • Learn the #1 key to creating financial stability.
  • Find out how to create your own “money magnet.”
  • Redefine your relationship to wealth and money.
  • Put your finances on “prosperity cruise control.”
  • Learn the secret to attracting more money effortlessly (it’s not what you think!).
  • Discover a step-by-step system for attracting more clients to your unique business—without working harder.


PJ Van Hulle works with coaches, consultants and speakers who love what they do but get frustrated with the marketing part. She is a certified trainer with thirteen years of teaching experience, the author of The Little Book of Prosperity, and the co-author of Make Your Connections Count. Her dynamic, interactive and “plain English” style of teaching has helped thousands of coaches, consultants and speakers to attract more clients and to improve their relationships with money.


“PJ is a dynamic speaker who will knock your socks off. She’ll give you valuable content that will totally blow you away.” —Sharla Jacobs, Award-winning 6-Figure Success Coach, Rejuvenate Training, Inc.

Rinaldo Brutoco

Rinaldo Brutoco

The Wealth for Women Global Summit is complete! You can get permanent access to this interview, as well as the rest of the speakers, for a very nominal cost here.

TOPIC: Create Your Own Financial Freedom!


Attain more wealth and financial security for yourself and those you love by learning how to navigate these financially tumultuous times.

  • Learn what you need to know to surf global trends and take charge of your personal financial journey.
  • Find out what you’re capable of, what financial advisors you need and how to manage them.
  • Replace your financial worries with the financial know-how and freedom that translates into an empowering and pervasive serenity and joy in all aspects of your life.
  • Experience your personal wealth as a projection of your body-mind-spirit integration.


Rinaldo Brutoco is a well-known futurist, an expert on how to make money and do well by doing good, and the Founding President of the World Business Academy, a non-profit think tank launched in 1986 with the mission to educate and inspire the business community to take responsibility for the whole of planetary society.


Rinaldo is a frequent public speaker and a prolific author on renewable energy, sustainable business strategies, and the challenge of innovative and values-driven leadership.  His most recent book is Freedom from Mid-East Oil (2007), a leading book on energy and climate change.  He has a monthly radio show, Conscious Commentary on Business and Society, on BlogTalkRadio.


“As a founder and president of the World Business Academy, Rinaldo Brutoco has provided a platform for harnessing the creativity and compassion of some of the best minds in the world to create a vision for the future of socially and ecologically responsible business.  As we now enter a global economic crisis, Rinaldo’s ideas on the creation of true wealth that will benefit society will become even more invaluable.” — Deepak Chopra, author and teacher

Dr. Toni Galardi

Dr. Toni Galardi

The Wealth for Women Global Summit is complete! You can get permanent access to this interview, as well as the rest of the speakers, for a very nominal cost here.


TOPIC: The Gift of Financial Crisis: Creating and Maintaining a Wealthy Mindset During a MoneyQuake


You will learn:

  • Three Secrets to navigating a MoneyQuake—and they may really surprise you
  • How to develop a MoneyQuake Survival Kit now
  • Five Simple tools for staying adaptable and reducing stress during a collective upheaval
  • How to use financial loss for greater gain


Dr. Toni Galardi is an author, psychotherapist, crisis management expert, public speaker and advice columnist for both Vision and Counselor magazines. Her groundbreaking body/mind/spirit technology called The LifeQuake Method™ was created for those who are seeking to replace their fear of change with emotional agility, resilience and a passionate purpose.


Most recently, Dr. Galardi published a book called The LifeQuake Phenomenon: How to Thrive (not just survive) in Times of Personal and Global Upheaval. In her consulting, Dr. Toni specializes in coaching her clients on how to bring a peace-filled, passionate purpose to any personal or professional crisis.


“Dr. Galardi’s sensitivity and compassion regarding how an individual experiences LifeQuakes was evident in how she relates to her audience. She conveys a unique combination of professionalism and openness that left us all feeling as though we had known her for a long time. She is an incredible gift to any audience privileged to hear her speak.” — Barbara Bannister, President of Xerox Management Association

Leela Francis

Leela Francis

The Wealth for Women Global Summit is complete! You can get permanent access to this interview, as well as the rest of the speakers, for a very nominal cost here.


TOPIC: Embody True Wealth


You’ll discover:

  • How your sensual, emotional and intuitive intelligence can radiantly support your wealth goals
  • Fun and creative ways to be more in your body as a way to attract abundance
  • The #1 most important ingredient for any wealth building plan
  • The habit that causes most people to struggle to create sustainable wealth and how to shake it for good
  • How to identify and listen to your body’s wisdom for lasting results in your bank account


Leela Francis, Embodiment Expert, is the founder of the Vividly Woman Embodied Leadership Training. Through her live events, audiovisual tools and online community and curriculum, Leela teaches women how to tap into their embodied power to become thriving, healthy and fulfilled leaders in their lives—both business and personal. Leela has helped thousands of women source their sensual, spiritual and creative intelligence, bringing them back home to their aliveness and abundance, teaching them how to live and work in their total power.


“Leela is awesome! She is a uniquely dynamic and inspirational contribution to our programs. Our participants adore her heart opening and joyful blend of the sacred and the sensual, eliciting purpose and passion, and a profound experience of personal expansion.” — T. Harv Eker, New York Times #1 best-selling author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Karen Solomon

Karen Solomon

The Wealth for Women Global Summit is complete! You can get permanent access to this interview, as well as the rest of the speakers, for a very nominal cost here.


TOPIC: Sex, Money & Relationship . . . We Should Talk!


How would your relationships improve if you were able to communicate about money and sex with ease and confidence—especially with the men in your life?

In this dynamic presentation you’ll learn the secrets and tangible skill-sets to:

  • Develop a more conscious relationship with money in your life
  • Attain clarity about your desires and how to manifest them
  • Learn to communicate clearly and effectively about money in your most important relationships


Karen Solomon—educator, inspirational speaker, image consultant, seminar leader, author and coach—empowers women and men to discover their unique path to personal fulfillment. Her signature seminar, Sex, Money & Relationship, is based on Karen’s life experience and belief that healthy, intimate and sustainable relationships include clear communication about money and sexuality.


An image consultant since 1986, Karen teaches men and women how to present themselves so that they appear congruent with their expertise through their clothing, their confidence and their charisma. She recently co-authored Savvy Leadership Strategies for Women.


A two-time breast cancer survivor living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Karen advocates for women as they navigate their own journey with a life threatening illness (


“Karen Solomon’s Men, Sex and Money seminar was thoroughly enjoyable. She engenders confidence in her participants, and assists women in becoming clear about what they desire. I’ve shifted some of the ideas and concepts that were keeping me from being abundant and now have clear, effective conversations about money with the men in my life.” — Zen DeBrücke, author, inspirational speaker, co-founder of Smart Soul Academy

Claire Rumore & Moses Ma

Claire Rumore & Moses Ma

The Wealth for Women Global Summit is complete! You can get permanent access to this interview, as well as the rest of the speakers, for a very nominal cost here.

TOPIC: Meta-Prosperity–Take your Life to the Next Level of Abundance


If you’re ready to unlock your success potential, make a quantum leap to the next level of business creativity, and bring profound abundance into your life—Meta-Prosperity is for you!


It’s a new approach that integrates transformational prosperity and manifestation magic.


In this interview, Claire and Moses offer these dramatic steps that will help you:

  • Create positive financial habits
  • Release self-sabotaging patterns
  • Strengthen your intention capacity
  • Concretize what you desire and need into reality

Meta-Prosperity is about making a quantum leap into a consciousness that is beyond poverty or prosperity, beyond success or failure, and beyond winning or losing. It is about allowing the manifestation of a spectacular life, fully grounded in the reality of your creativity, and in complete alignment with who you really are.


Claire Rumore and Moses Ma are co-creators of Meta-Prosperity, a new methodology based on non-dual awareness for breaking through to abundance, success and enlightenment. Claire has committed her life to helping others simplify their lives, rejuvenate their spirits, and align their inner and outer worlds through personal coaching and workshops. Moses is a strategic business consultant, certified firewalk leader, qigong teacher, motivational speaker and Internet visionary praised in Time Magazine, The New York Times and other publications.


“Claire moves fluidly between incisive brain and boundless heart, mind and body, inner and outer realms and keeps a vast vision for love, creativity and authenticity to blossom in everyone she meets. She is a gift of invaluable worth.” – Adam Gilad, CEO, Gilad Creative Media, Inc.


Moses Ma and the Spirituality Network rock!  He’s brilliant, with heart and soul destined to teach and share. That’s Moses!” – Northstar

Shelly Lefkoe

Shelly Lefkoe

The Wealth for Women Global Summit is complete! You can get permanent access to this interview, as well as the rest of the speakers, for a very nominal cost here.


TOPIC: The Real Financial Glass Ceiling and How to Break Through It


Would you like to break through the real glass barrier to financial success like so many others have done?



In this interview, you will learn how to identify and eliminate the hidden barriers to financial success.


You will discover:

  • The secret keys to profitable innovation
  • How to change a perception of lack into a perception of possibility
  • How to regain the confidence you were born with
  • How to abandon false self-esteem in favor of genuine self-worth

With 25 years of helping people eliminate negative beliefs, Shelly Lefkoe is the co-founder of the Lefkoe Institute and Founder of Parenting the Lefkoe Way, as well as the author of Parenting the Lefkoe Way, a seven-CD guide to effective parenting, and coauthor of The Chicken Soup for the Soul Guide to Effective Parenting. She has had the privilege of working with thousands of people worldwide in getting rid of problems such as a dysfunctional relationship with money, procrastination and low self-esteem using a revolutionary technique called the Lefkoe Method. Shelly has been a guest on numerous national and local television and radio programs, and The Lefkoe Method has been featured on the Today show and in The New York Times.


“I used to have beliefs that I did not deserve to make a lot of money and that it was a “sin” to be wealthy. Consequently, I was always getting paid at the bottom salary level for my work in the nonprofit world. All that has changed. Through working with The Lefkoe Method – I now make over $100,000 a year plus bonuses. My last jump in salary was 64%. My beliefs have changed and so has my life.” — Carol Shaw

Anat Baniel

Anat Baniel

The Wealth for Women Global Summit is complete! You can get permanent access to this interview, as well as the rest of the speakers, for a very nominal cost here.

TOPIC: From Surviving to Thriving: Unleash your Physical and Mental Power for Greater Success and Prosperity in Your Business and Your Life

  • Discover the Nine Essentials to awaken your brain for greater success and prosperity in your business and your life.
  • Learn how to unleash and feel comfortable with your mental and physical power as a leader in your field.
  • Discover how to use the Nine Essentials to vitalize your thinking and feminine creativity for manifesting wealth.
  • Experience the transformative power of the Nine Essentials in your own body.
  • Learn how to apply the Nine Essentials directly to your business, creating greater vitality, harmony, prosperity and success.


Anat Baniel, best-selling author of, Move Into Life, The Nine Essentials for Lifelong Vitality, and Kids Beyond Limits (coming in March, 2012), has developed a powerful method to greatly enhance success in one’s personal and professional lives. Anat’s approach is at the cutting edge of practical applications of brain plasticity principles and movement that bring about concrete and powerful transformations physically, mentally and spiritually.  She’s worked with tens of thousands of people, from high performing CEOs and athletes to back pain sufferers, and is internationally known for her miraculous outcomes with children with special needs.


“Anat’s work is life changing. The ideas are original and cutting edge, yet supported by science.” — Jack Canfield, Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles

Angie Grainger

Angie Grainger

The Wealth for Women Global Summit is complete! You can get permanent access to this interview, as well as the rest of the speakers, for a very nominal cost here.

TOPIC: There’s No Knight in Shining Armor!  Save Yourself with the Five Secrets to Managing Your Cash

Take charge of your future by avoiding the traps that many women fall into, and gain the confidence to build wealth quickly and securely.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Avoid the “unders” (under –paid, -served, -educated, -prepared, -water)
  • Stop common money leaks
  • Implement four critical tools to improve your cash flow and build wealth
  • Use seven unique tips to protect yourself
  • Stop waiting and start living your ideal life


Angie Grainger, CPA, is The Black Belt Money Master!  Her passion is helping women and couples use money as a tool to transform their relationships, get on track with their ideal life—and stay there! In addition to being the Founder of RETHINK Money Coaching and author of The Joneses Are Broke! Stop Trying To Keep Up With Them, she is an experienced CPA and financial planner, who has been helping people get their money on track for over 20 years. Angie is considered the Black Belt Money Master because of her Karate and Yoga background—and now she combines her wisdom of martial arts with her financial expertise to bring powerful money programs that surpass time-tested principles.


Angie has already changed the way I look at my money on a daily basis. It has made me more conscious of my money, and helps me make better decisions on an on-going basis.” — Ellin C.

Karen Buckley

Karen Buckley

The Wealth for Women Global Summit is complete! You can get permanent access to this interview, as well as the rest of the speakers, for a very nominal cost here.

TOPIC: Step Into Your Leadership and Expand Your Wealth

In this interview you will be empowered by stories of inspiring women leaders who use their Feminine Wisdom with courage, focus and confidence to create Truly Wealthy futures for their lives and organizations.

You will learn how to:

  • Leverage your passions and unique gifts to expand your wealth
  • Develop your Feminine Wisdom to become a more powerful leader
  • Amplify your strengths as a woman to enhance your personal brand of leadership
  • Unleash the connectivity power of Feminine Wisdom to become Truly Wealthy


Director of The Wisdom Connection, Karen’s Wisdom and Power of Women Leaders forums, retreats and speaking engagements support businesswomen in the United States and Europe to recognize and access their feminine wisdom, power and place of leadership in the world. She is a published author and well-known international speaker on personal and organizational transformation. Since 1991, Karen has been the principal of Communicore Consulting. As an executive coach and consultant, her clients develop the skills, strategies and presence to develop wise leadership and effectively drive change.


“For a long time I’ve been on a male trajectory. I feel like I am a woman again.  My insides and outsides match as this private feminine place where I’ve always felt so at home is reflected in each of the women in the program.” — Peggy Francis, International Spa Designer


Adiel Gorel

Adiel Gorel

The Wealth for Women Global Summit is complete! You can get permanent access to this interview, as well as the rest of the speakers, for a very nominal cost here.

TOPIC: Radically Improve Your Financial Future Through Easy, Remote-Controlled Real Estate Investing for Today’s Economy.

Join Adiel Gorel, who has helped thousands transform their financial life in a practical and concrete manner through Real Estate investing.

During This Presentation you will:

  • Understand why Real Estate investing can be simple and easy for you, regardless of how busy or inexperienced you are.
  • Find out the surprisingly Low budgets you need to get into the game.
  • Learn about the amazing loans available to you.
  • Discover how to take advantage of this economy’s recessionary opportunities to highly accelerate your future net worth.
  • Learn the best markets to invest in Real Estate today.
  • Learn step-by-step easy action to move towards real wealth.
  • Learn how to achieve specific life goals such as sending your kids to college, wealth increase, retirement, etc.
  • Discover the enormous effects actual, practical investments will have on your confidence and financial thinking.
  • Become a “Mini-Tycoon” and feel like one, 24/7.


Adiel Gorel , CEO of ICG, has assisted thousands of investors worldwide in purchasing U.S. properties in the best markets, regardless of how busy they are.


Adiel’s one-on-one meetings, lectures and events, imbue people with the knowledge and confidence needed to actually build a real estate investment portfolio regardless of their level of experience or time available; thus creating breakthroughs in financial confidence and net worth.


He has personally invested in hundreds of properties for his own portfolio and was involved in the purchase of over 7,000 properties for ICG’s investors all over the United States.


Adiel has been featured on TV and radio, and in print media numerous times. He lives in Marin County with his wife and two children.


“Adiel’s work has enabled me to become a “mini-tycoon”. The effects on my financial self-esteem have been enormous. I have transformed my thinking, confidence level, and actual wealth due to Adiel’s help.” —Nava Levin, Film Producer, Hollywood, CA.

John Gray

John Gray

Mars, Venus and Money

This interview is no longer available for free listening. You can also get permanent access for a very nominal cost here.


Do you:

  • Get so stressed about money it affects your relationships?
  • Freeze or want to flee when you need to talk about finances – having a hard time listening because you’re overwhelmed and unable to make decisions?
  • Think something is wrong because you don’t understand budgets and finance?

Prominent author, expert on couples and relationship dynamics, John Gray, Ph.D., joins the Wealth for Women Global Summit to speak on ‘Mars, Venus and Money’. A topic he has rarely spoken about to date, it is acknowledged to be one of the two hottest, most contentious and difficult subjects a couple needs to negotiate for their happiness and longevity— sex being the other topic, of course!

John’s talk is for women AND men, in ANY relationship – father/daughter, boss/employee, brother/sister. The combinations are endless. Invite them to listen to this broadcast with you.

Find out:

  • How brain differences causes a man and woman to react differently – and so defensively to each other.
  • Hormones and money: can they live together and still have fun?
  • “I make more money than him. What about that?”

Raves from our review panel:

From men:

“Hearing that women get more stressed about making decisions due to our physiological differences alone makes me understand her responses much better.”


“I now see why it’s wise to seek her counsel when spending my money – why it’s a good thing for ‘us’!”


From a woman:

“I can see where I can be more effective and compassionate with myself and my partner, especially regarding money situations after listening to John.”

Special coupon code: JOHN10 for 10% off.


You want to be part of this ground-breaking historic event!

Just one new insight could make a profound difference in the quality of your life, your family's life, and every life you touch.

When you choose to be part of this powerful event designed to add abundant WEALTH, FULFILLMENT and VALUE to your life you will RECEIVE their depth of knowledge and experience, best practices, tools, tips and resources! GO HERE NOW to transform your relationship with your money and your life!

Are you searching for what TRUE WEALTH means to you and what it takes to achieve and sustain it? (Hint… it may be more than money.)


TUNE IN to the Wealth for Women Global Summit to MANIFEST a NEW MONEY GAME within your own like-hearted community of women and men.

Additional benefits this Summit Series will provide for your life…

  • Get into the Heart, Soul and Meaning of Money — quickly — and make your financial decisions from that foundation.
  • Know the right steps to take to get your personal money system going again.
  • Learn the important key to grounding this new wealth of knowledge and getting support in your everyday life.
  • Overcome fear, distrust or disinterest of financial matters and reclaim your power around money.
  • Earn more… Generate passive income for the long term reliably and with ease.
  • Create a new money model based in our FEMININE WISDOM through relationship, spirit, intuition, generosity, empowerment, community and support.
  • Discover new ways of giving that align with your values
  • Develop unique new TOOLS to turn around your personal economy from surviving to thriving.

TRUTH: There are many people now who are earning more, living more fulfilling lives and giving more — no matter what is happening with the economy.

TOGETHER we will TRANSFORM our relationship with money and the way money works in our world… for a more JOYFUL, THRIVING AND TRIUMPHANT life… for ourselves, our children and generations to come.

Please SHARE this wealth of knowledge and INVITE your friends and community to join you for this Series. And, in the spirit of CO-CREATION and SHARING THE WEALTH, we have created an opportunity for you to generate an immediate stream of income through our generous AFFILIATE PROGRAM.

In gratitude and celebration,

Debra Price Van Cleave, Founder/CEO
WISE World Productions and
Wealth For Women Global Summit

In our commitment to empower women financially, a portion of the proceeds from this Summit will be donated to women’s causes related to women’s educational, health and financial issues.